Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Log Cabin socks were at the point of toe decreases. I had actually done a few decrease rows. I could no longer ignore my feelings, though and tried the sock on (again) and ripped it back to the heel. I followed the directions correctly, I think, but the heel flap was too long and the gusset correspondingly too big so the whole foot part of the sock was baggy.

I am not sure what might result from or be worse that a baggy foot on a sock, but I don't want one. giggle. I ripped back to the heel flap, shortened it and the gusset will be smaller also. I think this will be much better. Depending on how long I have to wait for my hair cut appointment, maybe I can make it half way down the foot while I wait. It's funny how waiting for appointments doesn't annoy me like it used to. To a point, anyway. A little delay doesn't bother me but there comes a point when it becomes rudeness. I've been to the doctor's office several times in the past year, taken the 1st or 2nd appointment of the day and still she's been 45 minutes late. That's rudeness. I am in the process of looking for another PCP.

No bike riding yesterday - I don't exercise in the rain. Maybe tonight, though the evening is supposed to include showers at least.

The infamous "forever in the works" white sweater has a longer sleeve. I have to measure again tonight but I think it's about time to start the ribbing!

The daffodils was blooming like crazy in the front of our house. They are so welcome in the spring. The bright yellow flowers are a cheerful sight at any time but especially after the long , cold winter (this year in particular) they bring a smile to my face each time I see them. There's a bunch right near the front door that are the first to bloom every year. They are protected from the wind, the concrete from the steps absorbs heat and shares it with the bulbs and they get the afternoon sun which, at this time of year, is the strongest. The leaves had actually started to erupt from the ground before the blizzard and I was afraid that they might not bloom this year. I was wrong. ; ))

The mums are starting to grow leaves, there were a few crocus flowers open over the weekend (I think the squirrels eat those bulbs a lot, so there weren't as many as last year) and the Montauk Daisies are getting new growth on the old stalks. The dogwoods and blueberry bushes are getting tiny little buds on their branches. I love all of these signs of spring.

Some of our evergreens were damaged from the snow fall this past winter and we are waiting to see what will come through and what we have to cut down. A lot of the branches were pulled down by the heavy snow and since we then had another big snow fall on top of it, they were held down for weeks. I did get out there one day and try to pull the branches out of the snow but they were buried by so much snow that I couldn't do it. Now these bushes that are supposed to be this shape /\ are now this shape _\ /_ .
\/ \/

Other, low growing bushes that should be rounded are now open in the center like a flower petal, with some broken branches. We hope they will rebound.

I hope to send out my seed order this weekend for the veggie garden. I can almost taste those fresh tomatoes ....

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