Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 days in a row

I rode the bike again last night and went a little further this time. My legs still tremble pretty badly when I get back from my ride (I lean heavily on the rail going up the stairs) but I did it. This getting back into shape is rough!

There's sunshine again to day but I'm stuck in work all day today. : (
I won't even get off in time to ride tonight - I'll get off just in time to go straight to the Needle Exchange at my LYS. I hope to work from home tomorrow - at least I can have the sun shine in the windows, there. I have no windows in my office at work.

I worked on the socks from Handknit Holidays last night. This BFL yarn is so wonderful to work with and the gauge is making the socks go fast - I am at the heel flap already! It's pleasurable knitting and a nice cabled pattern. I'm going to have toasty toes next winter. ; )

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