Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring is in the air

It was windy but otherwise nice today when I left work. I search for signs that spring is near as I walk past the garden each day. I want spring to be here. I did see some green leaves forming near the old stems from the fall in the most sheltered area, but no crocus yet, or daffodils, so I guess we aren't there yet. Still, the wind was not as icy as it has been.

The KAL on Tuesday was quiet - just Nancy and I. I don't know if anyone else will join us in 2 weeks when we meet again but we'll get together and finish our sweaters. I have just about 2/3 of a sleeve and the neck to go. Actually I have to rip back on the first sleeve - I held off on doing the ribbing because I wanted to try it on. I usually like my sleeves longer than patterns call for. In this case I have to rip back so that I can knit the ribbing and not have the sleeves some to my fingertips. It's only about 1.5 inches - that's not bad, and the sleeve is narrow enough at that point that it will take very little time to complete it.

While knitting at the Needle Exchange on Thursday, I pointed out to Angela that there is a spiral shawl pattern in the new Knitters magazine. She and I were both attracted to the original Swirl shawl. She is still working on hers but I aborted mine because I didn't like the way the yarn I chose was working with it. I like this spiral wrap because you knit each spiral square separately and they are 8 x 8 inch squares. It should make a good take along project and I am sure that before long the pattern will be memorized. Angela and I are thinking of doing our own unofficial KAL and encouraging each other to complete the squares at a good pace so we finish it in a timely manner. The next phase will be to choose a yarn. We'll give it a few more weeks, checking each time we go to the LYS to see what summer yarns have come in that might work. We need worsted weight yarn and I'd rather not use 100% wool for a summer wrap.

Our new sink has come in! DH will pick it up tomorrow and we'll install it over the weekend. I also plan to check out the new bike and go for a ride each day if possible. The snow is melting at a rapid pace (I told you spring is in the air) and I think I will win the bet with DH over when the snow pile will melt. : )

My other major goal this weekend is to work on the neck of the Mondo Cable Pulli.

On Ravelry, I found a group led by Clara Parkes of Knitters Review fame and author of The Knitters Book of Wool and The Knitters Book of Yarn. The group centers around the book of wool and Clara has started a monthly breed of sheep sampling. In March, those who choose to participate will "play with" Blue Faced Leicester, which is the breed of the month. You can buy BFL wool and knit with it (which is what most of the group is doing) or buy fiber and spin with it and also knit if you have the time. February's breed was Cormo. The group gives information on sources of the wool and talks about their experience with it. Due to my schedule in February, I didn't take part but I love BFL and happen to have some of that fiber in the house ....
I think it will be great to read about the breeds and use the fiber at the same time. Reading about other people's experiences with the same fiber should be enlightening, considering the wide range of preferences and experiences we all have. I hope to hurry up and finish my purple wool/silk blend and get to "work" on the BFL. I'd love to spin up some yarn and knit a pair of mittens with it so I can get the whole experience, but if time gets short I will buy a couple of skeins of the Rowan Purelife BFL to make my mittens.

I am heading off to knit on my cashmere scarf for an hour before bed. Hopefully I will be able to get some photos over the weekend of the scarf and my completed Olympic hat.

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