Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring IS near

I saw daffodils starting to poke up the green stems through the dirt. Yippee!

This is my Jojoland Cashmere scarf.

I succumbed to the temptation to sample this month's breed in the Ravelry group that I mentioned. I bought 2 balls of Rowan Purelife BFL and because I thought I might want some contrasting color, I purchased one ball of Black Welsh, also. I'm working on a hat .....

This is the finished Olympic Reindeer hat. You can see that my tension was not great - you can see the blue through the white. I thought I had it right while knitting, but obviously not. I am not happy with that, but the hat looks OK and will get worn. I will say that it was fun to knit and I might make another.

Spinning happened here today. I thought I would include a photo just so you don't think I am making it up. ; )

I took my new bike out for a spin today. I didn't go far - my legs are in bad shape after all this time without exercise, but I'll get there. DH knows me well - the bike is purple. ; ))

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