Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My wish was granted

We had sunshine yesterday! It was out all day instead of just the afternoon clearing that the weather people had predicted - awesome! I got home from work and planted the pansies in the pots on the front step. I cleaned out some dead stalks from the last of the fall flowers and found some crocus poking their heads out of the dirt, as well as daffodils. Spring - it's really spring!

When I finished the gardening I went for a bike ride. As usual, I didn't get far before my legs started trembling and I had to return home, but it is something. I plan to pursue this exercise and I have to start somewhere. Right?

The KAL was quiet - no new people came. Nancy and I chatted and knit on our projects, then we browsed around the shop for a while before going home. I decided to make the Spiral Stole in the Desert Flower yarn before I blocked the bambool - I just like the yarn too much to not use it.

I am knitting a pair of socks from the Handknit Holidays book with the Rowan Purelife BFL yarn I purchased to participate in the Ravelry group Woolalong (see the 3/5 post). I had knitted a hat but wasn't happy with what I had made. The socks are cabled, thick and so soft. They will be house socks, not for wearing inside shoes. It's a fast project due to the gauge of the yarn. I worked on those last night and then put in some time on DH's white cotton sweater sleeves.

When my work day is over today, I hope to stop by the marina to test fit a mock up of a motor cover I hope to have sewn within a couple of weeks. Then I'd like to get home and go for another bike ride (torture for a purpose), then relax over dinner - the ribs DH has slow cooking right now. I'll check on my plants and then settle down for some knitting (unless DH takes me out for the ice cream treat I won when we bet on the date of the snow pile melt). Yum. ; ))

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