Thursday, October 01, 2009

I feel good!

I feel healthy again! Yippee!

Spinning has not yet resumed, and I doubt it will tonight as it is knit nite at the LYS, but this weekend will change that. I can't wait to sit in front of the wheel.

Knitting progress this week:

My spiraling Coriolis sock in Chocolate Cherry yarn is getting longer every day. I have taken it as my travel sock for a while. I am anxious to get this pair finished and in the sock drawer for use. I want to see how the different construction feels on the foot. I have about half of the arch expansion stitches done and that means that I am nearing the heel.

I knitted a few rows on my cashmere lace scarf last night. It was good to work on that again.

My brother's first sock is about 2 inches of ribbing from completion. It is probably long enough now but I have the yarn, so I am making it longer than I think he needs. He can always fold the cuff down over the top of the boot.

The felted purse started by MIL is felted and drying. I have only to decide whether to use the knitted straps and sew them on or buy some leather straps and attach them. I might make a pocket or two and add those to the inside, though. We'll see when it is dry.

The mobius has been blocked and is ready for wearing.

Tonight I will work on Bob's sleeve - maybe I can finish the sleeve cap short row portion tonight (if I don't browse too much).

My sleeves for the elemental boatneck are moving along, and as before, progress seems slow. I am plugging along. Those will also go with me to knit nite for when I need a change from knitting with the cotton. The Hempathy is not more flexible but it is lighter and knit on a different size needle so it is an acceptable change of pace from Bob's sweater sleeves.

Fall has come in a big way. It was in the low 40's when I got up this morning. I stated very firmly to DH last night that I WILL NOT be the one to turn on the heat for the first time, but this morning I wasn't so sure. I wore a jacket while applying makeup and fixing my hair. LOL. I did use the heat in my car on the drive in.

I love fall weather, the season. I feel somewhat sad that it's the end of the summer and the warmer boating and gardening activities, but I enjoy falling leaves (I even enjoy raking them up), garden clean out, boating in cooler weather (it's nice not to sweat) and just the feeling of things changing and renewing. I know that renewing is usually a spring thing, but I also know that the plants, grass, garden, etc. needs the rest to start again so I think of this time as the beginning of the renewal for nest year. Pretty soon the bushes filled with these buds

Will be filled with these flowers - Montuak Daisies.

DH and I are discussing possible changes in the garden for next year. We really like being able to go out to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes, green peppers etc. for our dinner salad, and there's nothing quite like green beans steamed fresh from the garden. This year's garden did not produce like it has in other years, and one of the things DH noticed was that due to neighboring trees growing in, the area doesn't get sun like it has in years past. We think we have to re-locate the garden for next year and have to decide on the new location. We also have to decide what to do with the area it's in now - turn it back to grass, grow things that require less sun there, plant shade tolerant bushes there? We have all winter, but we are also planning to replace the shed that is in that corner of the yard, so it would be nice to have some ideas in place before that construction starts.

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