Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekends go so fast

Saturday's weather turned out beautiful. I had actually decided not to be lazy and to go with DH on the boat. I made one more check of the marine forecast to help me to decide on clothing items to bring along and the forecast had changed. We spent a calm, wonderful evening on the water.

No fish for DH, so he was disappointed in that, but the evening was so nice that he didn't really complain too much. The sunset was very pretty, as were the clouds in the sky.

The full moon rose early and added to the beauty of the day.

I was looking for a simple to knit project to work on while on the boat. DH's sweater is white and I've made the mistake of bringing it along before. The sweater in the works has already been washed once. I finished the felted bag knitting, so that wasn't an option. Can you tell where this is heading? Yes, I cast on for a new project. It's a small shawl/scarf, mostly garter stitch but with a pretty edging that will come later. It's called mara. The yarn is some alpaca that my MIL gifted to me several years ago in a wonderful purple. Due to the gauge of the yarn, it will be a scarf rather than shawl, but that's OK.

I will limit knitting on this (the garter stitch part) to times when I need something brainless to knit on so that it doesn't interfere with the completion of my other projects.

I got as far on the sleeve of DH's sweater that I am knitting in the round now - the short row sleeve cap is finished.

I swatched one of the alternate patterns that I found for the soft blue yarn, and I really like it. It is a very open pattern, so it would do almost nothing to keep my warm, but it looks great. I may just switch to that pattern and find something else to keep me warm.

I knitted a few more rows on the cashmere lace scarf and wove in the ends on my brother's sock but didn't cast on for the second sock.

Sunday was cleaning (I hate to do it but love the results) of the bedroom, bath and living room. I washed clothes, dried them on the line and then watched football and knitted.

I never did get to the spinning this weekend, but I have all week ... except tonight. Not only is it football night, but I have ironing to do. I try to avoid purchasing clothes that need ironing, but am not totally successful. I wait and wait to do the ironing until I have not much choice. I do have an out for tonight - I could wear scrubs most of the week ....

I knit on my chocolate cherry spiraling coriolis sock every day on my way to and from work (and if I have to wait someplace during the day) so that doesn't get touched in the evenings. I am still working on the arch expansion before the heel but it's close.

Today is eldest son's birthday. He's 32 years old. Now how old does that make me feel? Very. He's made some bad choices in his life but he's changed that kind of thinking and is working very hard to turn his life around. The economic situation is not helping, and that's unfortunate. He needs some positive reinforcement for his good choices besides knowing he is making the right choices. Keep your fingers crossed. He's worked hard and he deserves it. I am very proud of him.

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