Saturday, October 10, 2009

My bead tackle box

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a new, portable bead storage system. Here it is - a bead bag disguised as a fishing tackle box. DH received this as a gift last Christmas, but I coveted it from the start and he agreed that I could use it more than he could. There is a pocket on the outside that holds beading wire and other bead stringing supplies.

They should have added a pocket on the other side, but didn't. Inside the bag, on the top flaps are two zipper pockets that hold tools - scissors, crimpers, etc.

Inside the box/bag there are 4 plastic containers with adjustable compartments to hold my beads. I find that the smaller beads need to live in plastic bags in order to not spill all over the box, but the rest are OK.

I have sorted the beads in to some order that makes sense to me and the findings are in their own box.

I can now safely move about, travel or whatever with my beading supplies without worrying that the box will open or get wet or suffer whatever other catastrophe lurks around the corner.

It was not a day for boating today, so this is shaping up to be a day of chores at home. Tomorrow we may go on the boat. It is football day, so this will be a great sacrifice on my part .... Actually, I think I will really enjoy the relaxation of being on the boat and I can still listen to the game on the radio. It's not the same thing as watching on TV of course, but being on the boat on a sunny day has its own rewards.

I plan to do some spinning today. I have the wheel positioned, have loaded a new audio book on my player and have chosen the fiber for the day. I would like to spend a good 3 hours or so spinning today, in between washing clothes and relocating some plants in the yard. Tonight and tomorrow will be knitting time.

Enjoy your day.

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