Saturday, October 31, 2009

The good things

My rant is over for now and Bob did sleep better last night.

My Honka scarf is progressing nicely. Not fast, but nicely. Double knitting is still not an automatic thing for me and I tink at least a few stitches every few rows, but no major problems have arisen so I have knitted more than I have tinked and the scarf has grown. I love the color changes and that alone may make me knit a hat to go with the scarf. The yarn is black Cascade 220 with Silk Garden providing the color.

Bob's sweater has not yet been tried on so no progress to report there. Maybe this week, with the staples out, he will be OK to try it on.

My elemental boatneck has one and a half sleeves sewn in. It will be a priority this weekend to get that finished.

The gift scarf, reversible cables, has grown longer and should be finished this coming week. It should make good football knitting, and maybe I can even finish it on Sunday. I think I've knitted about 3/4 of the yarn. I suppose it will depend on the Ravens skill in the game - will I be spellbound, watching every play, needles barely moving or will I not want to watch a rout and finish the thing in the first half? LOL.

Both the travel sock and the second Spiraling Coriolis are near the ribbing and therefore near completion. I have not yet settled on either yarn or a pattern to replace those socks in my line up. I always have a pair of socks on the needle. Oh! I do have to finish my brother's socks. maybe that can be done during the second football game tomorrow.

Eldest son still does not have a job. It is so frustrating for all of us and very depressing for him. When will the economy turn around enough that companies will hire again?

We had hoped to get out on the boat this weekend but the weather is not cooperating. DH went out yesterday for a few hours and had fun. I require decent (mostly sunny) weather to accompany him and we don't have that today. It's not a possibility tomorrow since my two favorite teams will battle on the football field. Actually, I think the forecast is not favorable for boating anyway. Bummer.

I have started listening to the new Diana Gabaldon book An Echo in the Bone and am now addicted. The minute I think I will have 10 minutes to be alone I turn on the CD player. Terrible for productivity but I am enjoying it so much. I'll call Mom in a few minutes so we can compare notes. She is listening avidly also.

The mums around the pond are loosing their fresh look and falling over from the rain. They are still pretty, but starting to die off. The pond plants are settling into their winter state and the fish only beg for food on sunny days. Soon they won't even do that. Once the water temperature drops into the 60s they don't eat anymore.

The trees are dropping their leaves. The red leaves that I showed you on a previous post were on this tree last weekend.

Have a good weekend. Remember to "fall back" your clock tonight and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.

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