Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One sleeve chore complete

The Elemental Boatneck sleeves are complete! I was watching the Monday Night Football game last night and that's not conducive to weaving in ends or sewing pieces together, so that was not done, but the knitting is complete. Next up, weave in those ends, sew shoulders, knit neckband and sew in sleeves. See - almost done!

Bob's sleeve is an inch or two longer after my knitting time last night. I am determined to knit on that every night until it is done. I have a few more inches to knit before the decreases start. Since this was a top down, knit in the round sweater, there will be no seams to sew. I have been weaving in the ends as I go along, so that's up to date, also. Once this sleeve is knitted, all I have left to do is knit a neck band and it will be complete! Finally.

We are, I hope, making the switch to FIOS today. This art work appeared on our lawn last week, indicating progress in the installation process. Hopefully they won't cut any other important things while they dig to install their cable.

We have Comcast service, but FIOS just became available, and when I checked into pricing, I found that we will be saving money by getting their combination services - internet, HDTV and phone service. Since our home telephone is through Verizon now, we don't have to change the phone number, but we will have to change the email address. I dread that - it would be easier to change our phone number! They tell you to plan on a 4-6 hour installation, possibly longer since we have 2 computers and 6 TVs in the house. DH and eldest son are home today, handling that. I hope it goes smoothly. If all goes well with the installation today, tomorrow we will begin the daunting task of changing all of our accounts to the new email address. Ugh.

Our mailbox was destroyed a few years ago and DH decided to construct one for us. I suggested a flower box to beautify it, and was reminded that I don't do well dragging the hose out and putting it away frequently (required to water any flowers that might try to live in the flower box), but I had a response for that. I actually had in mind an artificial flower box. He liked the idea, too, and it was done. I am especially pleased with the arrangement that I have right now, for fall. What do you think?

More fall photos for you to enjoy. Have a great day.

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