Monday, September 28, 2009

Destined for the frog pond or knit on?

What do you think? I like the pattern but I am not sure that it works well with this yarn in this color. Maybe something more open? Lighter color? What should I knit with this yarn? It's soft and yummy to the touch.

While at KDO, I saw a few patterns that I liked. They have a display wall for vendors and designers to showcase yarns/patterns to catch knitters' eyes. Patterns that I liked from KDO were:

The Seven Eighths shawl
This was knitted in a soft, silky feeling yarn and looked a lot nicer in person than in the photo.

Curlicue coverlet
This was knitted in Mini Mochi. It looked impressive and felt so soft that I wanted to just curl up in it and never give it up. You omit one or two sections of the coverlet pattern to make the wrap and it highlights the color changes in the yarn beautifully. Or the color changes highlight the pattern, depending on how you look at it. ; ))

I am home from work again today. I saw the doctor this morning, was diagnosed with a persistent upper respiratory infection and the recommendation was to go home, take your medicine (new antibiotic and strong cough medicine) and rest today, so I am doing just that. It's a little chilly here (in the 60's) so I will bundle up a little, go sit in the sun for a half hour or so now that I have tended to work issues and knit. Maybe I'll swatch another pattern for that scarf before I rip out the one that has been started. I may decide to continue it after all.

Have a good day, all.

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