Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some of the trees in the area around me look like this.

Most others are full of the beautiful fall colors that make me smile when I step outside. Soon enough all of the tress will look like the first picture. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy as much of this fall as I can.
DH came through his cochlear implant with flying colors. Not that he's wanted to fly recently, (or do much other traveling) but he did well. The pain and vertigo are both lessening. He might even be able to sleep the whole night through some day soon. The swelling has diminished quite a bit and the incision is clean and healthy looking. I would not be a good wife if I showed you the pictures ....

Now we wait for the swelling to go down further and the healing to progress to the point that on 11/17 the device will be activated for the first time. It's not quite the joyous occasion one would think, though it is the first step. That is the beginning of re-learning how to hear, or, more correctly, how to interpret what he hears into what he knows so that it make sense.

Knitting progress -

My travel sock, less than an inch of stockinette to go, then 3 inches of ribbing and I will have a complete pair. Yippee!

My scarf, made with a blend of wool, silk and bamboo. I am going to put this aside for a while to work on my Honka Scarf (double knitting) that I put away when it got too hot.

Chocolate Cherry Spiraling Coriolis sock, heel almost turned. These are some of the stitch markers I made with the letters on them to assist with navigation through new sock construction pathways.

Heel in progress

This is a gift scarf for one of the parking attendants I see frequently. She is so good with people - remembers names, remembers things about your family, made a few suggestions for jobs for eldest son to apply for. She asked if she could pay me to knit for her. I won't do that, but I will knit a scarf for her. Reversible cables, from this book. I think it's the first or second pattern in the book.

I plan to make a Mondo Cable Cardigan this winter. This is one of the swatches I have made. It's Rowan Felted Tweed Aran I love the look of the yarn for this project. I am a little concerned about the hand of the yarn against my skin (neck and wrists); though I would probably be wearing a turtleneck under it most of the time, I wouldn't want to feel that I had to have one on in order to wear the sweater.

This is Kathmandu I love the look and the feel. It would most likely not be as tolerant of wear as the previous yarn.

I had hoped to complete the sleeves on DH's sweater this weekend, but it's time for a try on session and his head hurts too much (from the surgery) to pull a sweater over it right now. That's on hold.

My Elemental Boatneck has all ends woven in and one sleeve sewn in! I had my doubts about the fit - the armscye looked way too big for the sleeve, but I think it looks good. I will try it on tonight to be sure that it's OK on me and not just lying flat. One more sleeve to be sewn in and the neck edging .... soon it will be wearable .....

I am on a finish the WIPs push right now. (1) Elemental Boatneck will be very soon, (2) Bob's sweater not too far behind it. (3) Travel socks are very close and the (4) Spiraling Coriolis socks should be completed in about a month. I have to wait for my LYS owner to get in the additional skein I requested so that I could make the socks long enough for me. They should go even faster once I have the travel socks done, since they will have no sock competition. The (5) Honka scarf will be worked on instead of other scarves I have in the works (except the gift scarf - I am not putting that aside) since I started that last year. I am planning on all of these being completed by Thanksgiving.

New projects, to be started after I finish these listed projects, include the Mondo Cable Cardi for the KAL at my LYS (after the new year) the Cardi Cozy that I started a while ago from the newest Mason-Dixon book, a gansey style sweater (in wool) for DH and a pair of socks from Cookie A's book. Oh, and the summer version of the Mondo Cable pullover/vest that I have already swatched for. I have to do measurements on the swatch, do some calculations to be sure I am knitting the correct size and then knit. I will knit that before I start the KAL in the new year so that I have knit the pattern before and am familiar with it. I sound busy, don't I? Spinning has to fit in there somewhere, and I am contemplating one of those ear flap hats for each of my sons .....

A last look at fall flowers - this looks like spring/summer daisies, but is really a mum, and it's the last of our mums to bloom. So pretty .....

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