Friday, October 30, 2009

Staples out!

Bob went to see the surgeon this morning. He is healing well, the staples - surgical clips - have been removed and he can resume normal activities. Yippee! Maybe he'll be able to sleep better now.

We still don't know how much this implant will help Bob to lead a more normal life (each person reacts differently, but the doctor feels that Bob is a great candidate and will do well), but just the fact that there is something to be done, some possible help, is great. One of the things that frustrates me about his vision problems is that there is nothing that can be done about it. Nothing to help improve his vision or even stop the deterioration. I really hope that this implant makes Bob's life easier. He is such a good man - good husband, father, worker, son-in-law and whatever you can think of. A little good luck would be very much deserved and appreciated.

BTW, did you know that none of the news magazines provide large type versions? Apparently people with low vision don't deserve to be able to stay informed about world news and events. And no, he can't read braille and no, he can't listen to audio versions, even the evening news because he is also mostly deaf. Grrr.

We are checking into Kindle and Nook and others but from reading reviews about each, one of the major drawbacks is going to be that they use grey on grey. Many people with low vision (legally blind but not totally blind) need high contrast to read, and none of these devices are black print on white pages. There is no way to test reading ability short of ordering a device (and then paying return shipping if you decide that it doesn't work for you). The next option is to spend several thousands of dollars on a document camera, that then has to be read on a screen. Helpful, but not exactly comfortable for settling down for an evening's reading.

Well. The first step in getting more input for Bob has been taken. Now we wait for November 17.

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