Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekends are wonderful

Last night when I went to bed I did not set the alarm. : )) I slept until I woke this morning (about 8:15). That alone would make weekends wonderful. Then there is all of that time available for other than work pursuits - knitting, spinning, reading, gardening, boating, the list goes on and on. I love it.

The week went better than I thought it would at first. I do feel so much healthier, but I found out on Thursday that I am still recovering and need to take care and rest. I was at the knit nite at the LYS. I had gotten there earlier than usual and was enjoying conversation and seeing people I've been missing (I haven't been there fore several weeks) and meeting some I have never met. All of a sudden I felt so tired, I was sure that it had to be 9 PM already, but no one was getting up to leave. It was just before 8 PM. I got up and went home anyway, went straight to bed. LOL Lesson learned.

I did not get as far on DH's sleeve as I had hoped, but I did work on it on Thursday. I also worked on my sleeve and my brother's sock. The sock was bound off last night. Today I will weave in a few ends and cast on the next sock.

The felted bag is dry and I will be using the knitted cord for straps. I hope to attach those this weekend. It's a firm enough fabric that it doesn't need lining, but I may put in some reinforcement for the bottom to keep it from sagging, and if I do I will add a lining to hide that.

During the consultation with my fellow knitters at the LYS the opinion was to continue with the current pattern on the blue scarf I have been knitting. I may still swatch on more pattern, but I think I agree.

DH hopes to go on the boat today but the marine forecast has changed and now the winds are not supposed to be as low as originally predicted and there is the chance of thunderstorms, so I am not sure what we'll do.

Last night I pulled out my beading supplies. Just before vacation I organized those and have a new, portable storage system for them. (I will take pictures this weekend and share later.) While on vacation I made a few letter stitch markers to help with my Cat Bordhi sock knitting, but I wasn't satisfied with them. Yesterday I stopped at the local store and picked up a few more supplies and made some good stitch markers with letters on them. I think they are cute and they will surely do the trick. If I can get this wire twisting thing down better I will make more stitch markers - decorative ones. I did make 2 pairs of earrings and a bracelet. They are very simple, but it was fun.

October 21 will be a big day in this house. DH, in addition to being legally blind, is mostly deaf. He has used hearing aids for years and has been struggling for years because they just don't help that much. On that date in October he will be getting a cochlear implant. We had our appointment with the audiologist yesterday to choose the device and color. It was very interesting indeed. DH will have surgery this month, then have a very tough month to follow because they don't activate the device until about a month later. So, for that first month he will be essentially totally deaf in that ear. That makes it very hard for him to hear, even with the hearing aid in the other ear, and very frustrating for both of us. With the goal in mind, I hope I can be graceful and patient through this period.

After the initial month, the work begins. They activate the device and DH will have to learn a new way of hearing/interpreting what he hears and incorporating that with what his brain knew before as that sound and converting to what he hears now as that sound. He is gong with the Nucleus 5. It's supposed to be the most water resistant (very important to us with all of our boating time), very reliable and had the best control options for Bob to manage with his decreasing vision. We are both nervous but excited to see what this can do for DH's quality of life, which really sucks right now and is going downhill as his vision disappears at an alarming rate. I have very high hopes.

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