Friday, October 16, 2009

I think winter has come

It's cold and damp and nasty outside - the kind of weather that makes me want to just curl up in the house (possibly in front of a fire) with some chocolate and knitting (or spinning) and not budge. lucky for me it's now the weekend and i can do that - to a certain extent. There is the possibility of snow on Sunday. No boating for me this weekend.

I really feel bad for those attending the NY Sheep and Wool festival this year. The weather forecast is ugly. At the same time, I wish I was one of them. I have enjoyed that festival on the tow occasions I was able to attend. maybe next year ....

I have about 8 inches of sleeve knitted (from the underarm) on Dh's sweater. The end is getting closer. I haven't had time for much more than that knitting this week, though the alpaca garter stitch scarf has been getting a little bit of attention on the way to and from work. Not much progress, though, on other WIPs. I have a lot of plans for the weekend. too many ideas, actually, so tomorrow morning, while I let my Fosamax absorb, I will try to set priorities. Spinning, sewing the elemental boatneck together, knitting DHs sleeve, cleaning, laundry ......

Have a great weekend and stay warm and dry. Hopefully I will have photos in a day or so of some finished projects.

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