Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall weekends

It was a wonderful day yesterday. I did not go on the boat, though DH did. I discovered that not only were the Ravens playing yesterday, but my beloved Broncos were also playing. We don't get to watch Broncos games often here in MD and I wasn't going to miss that opportunity, so i skipped out on boating.

While DH was heading out the front door at 6 AM (in 40 degree weather) I was snuggled in my warm, comfy bed. While he was motoring around trying to find fish, I was spinning on the deck. The temperature had warmed up enough that on the deck, in the sun, I was very comfortable in my Ravens shirt and a pair of jeans, spinning away. It was awesome! I enjoy spinning anyway, and to be able to sit outdoors in the sun to do it made my day. At 1 PM the game started , so I went indoors to watch TV. (I did go outside on many of the commercial breaks - I couldn't stay in for long while the sun was up.)

I yelled. I screamed. I cheered and boo'd. It made no difference. The Ravens lost the game. And they deserved to loose, given their performance in the last few minutes of the game. It was a close game, I'll give them that. DH was listening to the radio on the boat. Right after that disappointment, he started catching fish, so I guess his day was made also. He caught lots of fish, mostly small bass but did bring home one keeper that will be dinner on Tuesday. Yum - baked striped bass.

In my short trips out to the deck (on commercial time) I cleaned out the railing boxes because the flowers are mostly dead. I cleaned out the bird feeders in preparation for fresh food. I watered the plants that weren't dead and filled the bird bath. I finished up the last 3 loads of clothes to be washed and dried (on the line).

The Denver game put me in better spirits - they won! During the games I knitted on the sleeve for DH's sweater until my wrists started complaining. I think I have about 4 inches (below the armscye) knitted. Then I moved on to the sleeves for my elemental boatneck. One sleeve is now complete and the other needs only about 4 more rows. That's progress! Soon I will be sewing that garment together. I also managed a few rows on the garter stitch shawl/scarf I started a couple of weeks ago on the boat. (After I dropped 6 stitches down and fixed a mistake. Yes, it is a garter stitch scarf. Yes, I did make a mistake. Yes, I am sometimes an idiot.)

We had supper and I watched some of the Sunday night game, then headed into bed for a few more rows of knitting and a little audio book listening. I am really enjoying this series of books - not deep, not especially realistic, but entertaining. The author is Rose Connors, and I finished the second book in the series of legal mysteries last night. After I should have been asleep. Oh, well.

On Saturday DH harvested the last of the potatoes we grew this year. It was a not well done experiment to see if we could grow them. Despite having used cut up potatoes from the pantry that started to grow on their own instead of buying seed potatoes, and in spite of planting them late, we did get potatoes! We will be doing this next year. Correctly. Our entire harvest will make one meal. LOL.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Here are some of the glorious signs of fall around my house.

Fall leaves

The last Mandevilla

Montauk Daisies

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