Monday, August 08, 2011

Sweater Knitting Finished! and other stuff

The cardigan knitting is finished!!!!!!
I bound off after measuring 3 times last night at the LYS. Blocking and sewing are up next. : ))

We caulked the repaired rub rail on the boat Tuesday. I got home from work a bit late but then got the good news that I did not have to appear for jury duty on Wednesday. I ate a wonderful dinner, helped with the caulking, then settled in bed to knit on the sweater. I also caught eldest son while sitting still (actually, he was still eating dinner) and measured his foot and leg so that I can work on his socks. I saved the measurements on my I pad for future use, too. He's getting the Riff socks when complete. I also started another pair of socks. That's his fault, not mine. that's my story and I'm sticking to it. : )   He didn't give me the measurement that I needed (I have to start the heel gusset 5 inches before the end of the foot and had no foot length) in time and I had nothing to knit (nothing simple, that is) while traveling to and from work. I cast on the Skyp socks from I am not sure who will receive those, but I'm knitting them anyway. All of the men in my family have similar, if not the same, size feet. I am using thinner yarn that what is called for in the pattern, so I may have to rip and start again, but we'll see.

We had a fun group at the LYS last night. Lots of laughing, some teaching and rescuing of projects and fiber talk. The projects were varied - stuffed animal, several socks, my sweater, which I bound off while there and two other sweaters. It's so cool to watch the progress of others and to be inspired by their ideas.

Melanie and I chatted about breeds and spinning and answered some questions about both. I now have some Cotswold locks to sample and a bit of merino to sample, thanks to Melanie. The crimp in that is amazing! I ordered some Scotch Mule fiber from an Etsy vendor which I will share with her. I've been wanting to sample that for a while after reading about the breeding, etc. and finally decided to look for and buy some. It should be here soon.

I got my Romney singles plied and have started spinning the last batch of Romney. It's been slow going because I wanted to finish my sweater and I started the edging for the Rock Island Shawl KAL for Seasons of Lace. I do one (usually) pattern repeat of the edging per night so that I don't get obsessed with the new project and I can keep up with other projects already on the needles. This weekend I hope to get some blocking done - Cladonia, Pogona, and the cardigan pieces.

I'll spin more this weekend, too. I really want to get back to spinning that California Red on my wheel and maybe finish up the Romney spinning so I can ply next week. I also have a bit more fleece to wash and this might be a good time to get that done. I'd like to store it for later spinning and would feel better about that if it was clean. Sounds a lot like I plan to do nothing but fiber activities this weekend, doesn't it? Too bad we won't be on the boat to do it. Laundry and cleaning will get done in between the important things. ; )

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EGunn said...

Sometimes a weekend at home is just what the doctor ordered for making fiber progress. Sounds like you'll be back on the water in no time, and you'll have plenty of knitting to take with you. =)