Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good things

The Ravens won! The first half of the game was better than the second half, though they pulled it out in the last half of the last quarter, but over all I am pleased. Progress.

I plied my mohair last night after finishing spinning the last of the locks. Below you see the flicked locks and my singles on the spindle.

 Singles up close with a quarter for scale. (that's the only coin DH had in his pocket at the time and dinner was ready)  ; )
 This is the plied yarn. I haven't measured the yardage yet. Quarter added for the same scale as the singles photo.
 Plied yarn again. It's much softer than I thought it would be. I could wear this - maybe not at my neck, but most other places. That's a surprise. I haven't washed it yet.

We are going out on the boat today and I have my projects packed. I'll be working on spinning silk and spinning Masham on my spindles. I'll be knitting on Rob's afghan and the Eliina Shawl. Both of those can be knitted  without much looking at my work so I don't get nauseated on the boat (sort of like reading in the car for some people)

Rob's afghan, BTW, is the Cashmere Earthtones afghan from Gorgeous Knitted Afghans. I can't find a link for it anywhere, though. It is knitted in squares (really rectangles) with each square having one cable that runs left to right or right to left so that the cable zigzags the length of the afghan. I am knitting the squares one after the other with no bind off, so I am knitting stripes of the pattern. There's less sewing that way.  I am 1.5 stripes (out of 8) away from the finish line.

Heading off to the library now, then packing for the boat trip (food and such - it's not an over night). Have a great day.


Anonymous said...
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Stephanie said...

Beautiful spinning. I've never really had the knack for mohair, but yours is beautiful!

EGunn said...

I love the color of that mohair! I've never tried spinning it, but it looks like it made a beautiful yarn. Hope you had a great day out on the boat!