Thursday, August 18, 2011

278 stitches picked up

Wow! I had only 2 extra stitches, they don't mess up the stitch pattern for the picot edge and there are no gaps or puckers in the edging, so I am a happy camper. It took some time and several rips and re-knits to get it right. I've passed the picot turning row and expect to finish the knitting tonight, though I have to then fasten all of those picked up stitches with the last row rather than just bind off and that will take a while.
 Here's a view of Riff at the heel turn.
 And this is Skyp, still unknown future owner. I'm near the toe, now.

I did a bit more spindle spinning last night on the blue mohair. It's so nice to spin! I have more locks that I can spin, in different colors, but I think I'll put the spindle to use in finishing up another project (already started) first, then play with more mohair later. I wonder if it can be used as a carry along with other sock yarn to strengthen the heel and toe area. There are so many different colors of mohair locks available, I should be able to buy a selection and match or coordinate  with just about any sock yarn. I have dyes, so I could do my own, but it's easier to pick them out of a bin. ; )  Maybe I'll play with that on some of my upcoming sock projects, and try singles and 2 ply (one in each foot) to see which works better.

The garden is starting to produce tomatoes regularly. I think I'm going to try baking, then freezing some. I don't make sauce from scratch but I am not against the idea of improving on store bought. We have 2 watermelons growing, too (usually we just get vines and tiny fruits that are mostly rind) and they look like they will be good size. I hope the taste is as good as it looks on the outside.

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EGunn said...

That's a lot of stitches to pick up! And only off by 2? That's impressive. The socks are looking lovely, too. I especially like the purple one.