Friday, August 12, 2011

Cotswold spinning

I mentioned once before that thanks to Melanie, I have some Cotswold locks to play with for this month's spinners study group. They are bright orange, which is a color I don't normally choose but since this is sampling and I won't be wearing it, the orange was bright and cheerful. I was going to comb a couple of locks, then spin,  flick a couple and spin and then card a couple and spin. I quickly realized that I wouldn't have enough to spin and ply that way, so I narrowed it down to combing (with dog combs) and flicking. I spun each preparation, then wound into a center pull ball and plied from that.

I need a lesson (or 4) in combing, apparently. I most certainly did not end up with nice smooth fiber the way I see it happen on the videos. I am not sure what I do wrong, but it's something. Regardless, I had a fluff ball of fiber in my hands. I spindle spun it  for a lace weight, both because it seems like that's a good use for this fiber and because I wanted as much length from it as possible. The combed locks retained their deep orange color but spun nicely into a lace weight.

The other locks were prepped by flicking each end until smooth. There wasn't much waste, but some was removed. I felt like I spun this flicked preparation much finer than the previous combed prep, but when it was plied, it seemed that the final yarns were about the same. I enjoyed the spinning process much more with the flicked fiber. This preparation yielded a less intense color in the final yarn, but I think I had more undyed fiber in the second batch by accident. It seems that I really enjoy spinning long wools but usally the itch factor has me hesitating because I don't know that I would wear the end result. I suppose I could get some just for spinning and the resulting yarn would be for looks and enjoyment only .... Somehow the practical part of me won't let me do that.

The Romney spinning is finished but I didn't have a chance to ply it. Maybe I can do that while watching the Ravens first pre-season game tonight. ; ) I did spend some time spinning more of that wonderful California Red fiber. It's so much fun!

I completed 2 or 3 more pattern repeats on the edging of the Rock Island Shawl. I have completed 15 of the necessary 71 repeats. Slow but steady progress.

The SKYP sock (the first) is at the heel flap (top down construction)  and the Riff sock (the first) is at the  heel gusset (toe up construction).

No blocking done yet. Sigh.

DH and eldest son are heading out on the boat today for some fishing. It would be so cool if they could bring home dinner.

ETA they did bring home dinner! One baked striped bass for dinner on Friday!

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EGunn said...

I agree about the longwools. I love spinning with a long staple, and I don't mind a little bit of itch, but a lot of them are pretty rough for wearing. There must be something good to do with them, though...