Friday, August 19, 2011

Foiled. Drat!

I tried, I really did. Despite coming home and battling with customer support for an hour (after an 11 hour work day plus commute time) to get access to my email, I sat down to work on the sweater. I was unable to get my sweater edging finished. I looked it over, re-read the instructions, and just can't figure out how to do what they say. I am supposed to put my live stitches on waste yarn, then sew those live stitches to the picked up stitches on the inside to fasten the edging. I can't see, on the wrong side, exactly where those first picked up stitches are to join them with the live stitches. I tried to pick up the matching wrong side stitches to do a 3 needle bind off and that didn't work. I tried to just hook the sewing needle through the correct wrong side stitch and can't find them. I am afraid that I will end up with a bunched up lumpy edging. I will try again tomorrow and hope inspiration strikes me.

I signed up for a swap in the Spinners Study group on Ravelry. We don't get matched until September 1 so I'm chomping at the bit, ready to get started researching my partner and what she might like to get. We each completed a questionnaire specifying our likes and dislikes, allergies, etc. I am, of course, ready to be surprised myself, but I am, honestly, more excited to play detective and please another spinner with something they will really love to spin.

Tonight is the second pre-season Ravens game. I have my knitting project (Rob's afghan) sitting on the couch waiting for me.  ; )  I have to make sure that there is some chocolate and some pretzels or chips or something available for munchies. I will also try to finish spinning my blue mohair locks and to get a picture to post. I'm pretty proud of the fineness of this yarn.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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EGunn said...

Hope you figured out the edging! It's so annoying when a pattern isn't clear (or isn't clear to you, even if you're sure it's clearly written...the latter tends to be my problem).