Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's back!

We have electricity again. The power returned last night at about 11 PM. One by one the generators in the neighborhood shut down and we had quiet for the first time in days. ahhhhhh

McDonald's was very popular for the last few days - people would sit and use the wi-fi and charge their cell phones and other electronic devices. We joined that group twice. I didn't mind the lack of internet service as much as the low cell phone battery. Of course, once I returned to work I had all the internet service I needed.

I completed a few more edging repeats on the Rock Island Shawl

and sewed another inch of edging down on my cardigan,

but I was really too tired to concentrate much. I'm still tired. I plan to go to bed early tonight. We're getting supper out and then I have to go through the fridge and decide what to keep and what to toss. I hope TS Katia does not decide to follow the same path as Irene. 

I am hoping for a nice long weekend, some relaxing boat time and some quality packing for vacation time. Well, maybe not packing yet but gathering of supplies and checking lists, etc.

D**n! We just lost power at home again. I'm gonna go cry.

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EGunn said...

Oh, no! I hope it comes back again soon. Losing power is no fun. It's funny...all this time I thought you lived in Maine because of the Montauk point photo (despite the big "vacation" right underneath it). I imagine that the storm hit Baltimore a lot harder than Maine...