Friday, August 05, 2011

It's a Frying Friday

Very hot and humid today - I almost hate to leave work because I know it's a lot cooler here than at home, especially if B,G & E has to cycle the AC on those of us signed up with Peak Rewards. Peak Rewards is a program that you voluntarily sign up for. You get money back on your bill for participating, but risk having your AC cycled off during peak electricity usage times. We signed up for 75%, so our AC doesn't go off totally but the house does get quite warm. They rarely do this, but last Friday they did and people howled and yelled. Houses got as hot as up in the 90s and didn't cool off until late. We were uncomfortable but OK and will stay in the program. Other people didn't feel the same. I guess they were fine with getting money back but didn't want to deal with the consequences. In all fairness, I think that in some cases the utility company didn't do a great job in explaining the program. I think a lot of people just didn't like it when they activated it. Yesterday B,G & E said publicly that they didn't expect to have to implement the cycling today. We'll see.

My new sock project is a joy to work on. It's not boring but it is a pretty easy pattern to memorize, with just an occasional check of the chart. Eldest son likes it and I like knitting it. Pictures soon.

I have started the V neck shaping on my sweater! Not far to go now!

Boat work instead of boating will be happening this weekend, I think. We have to repair damage and replace a missing part. (I am so glad that DH lost the part rather than me)

Laundry, spinning, boat work and knitting are on the agenda for this weekend. Maybe some house cleaning, too. I hope to get at least one of my shawls blocked and finished pictures taken.

I have to go for jury duty this coming Wednesday. I hope I am not chosen (because I am busy at work) but will not lie to get out of it.

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EGunn said...

Hope you managed to stay cool! It makes sense that they'd need to cut the power at precisely the warmest times, but I can see how that would make for an uncomfortable day or two.

Good luck with the boat repairs and the landlubber chores! Hope it all gets worked out for more boating soon.