Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane prep

I just sent my brother (the one who lives with our 79 year old mother) a "big sister" note of suggestions for preparing the house. He'll probably roll his eyes and have everything already done, but that's OK. You never know when you might jog someone's memory or brain and give them a useful idea. 

We are making plans ourselves, with the boat being the biggest issue. Hauling it out of the water is a no brainer. The questions regarding where to keep it for the duration and how to cover it (the bimini top, which has a zip on aft cover) will most likely not be as easily settled. I am pretty sure we will leave it in the parking lot at the marina, but the covering will be a play it by ear last minute thing, as we see how well we can secure a tarp or other cover over the dash, which is the most sensitive area as far as rain damage.

I am looking forward to a nice knitting and spinning session Saturday night and Sunday, when we experience the worst of the storm. I really hope we don't loose electricity for long, but expect at least 24 hours or so. A cooler and some ice will take care of food for a while, but not longer than 2 days, and ice will become scareme. Fingers are crossed.

Twist Collective has some really great patterns in this issue. I have a list of about 6 that I really like, and seriously plan to knit at least two. Eadon is my favorite and I think I can use some stash yarn to knit it.  I also love the hat and mitten  set and this sweater. Go check it out.

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