Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes and hurricanes Oh My!

We got through one without any problems and are old hands at preparing for the other after having lived in the Houston area for 10 years. If the track doesn't change (which it well might - those hurricanes aren't all that predicatble several days in advance) it will come close enough to us to cause some wind probems but mostly tide and flood problems for the marina. The boat will be coming out of the water tomorrow (we are expecting some storms today with windy conditions that make it hard for one person to get the boat on the trailer) and will wait out the storm sitting safely in the parking lot. We have our canned goods, flashlights, batteries, books and knitting and spinning projects ready. ; ) 

I used wool combs last night! Melanie came over and demonstrated combing wool with her combs, then let me try it. I have been using dog combs with very limited sucess and was convinced that combing was not for me. I am sold, though, on using combs now (for the right fiber). I'm going to see whether my brother will make a set for me.  I have to buy a diz, though. That really made a difference. 

I have misplaced a bobbin full of spun singles. Before I lent my wheel to Angela I set that bobbin aside - I wasn't ready to ply and she certainly couldn't use it since it was full. I have no idea where I put it. I'll be tearing the house apart over the weekend looking for it. I have another bobbin full and have started the third. I want to make that 3 ply yarn .....

I got some ideas about how to tackle the problem with my Leaf and Picot Cardigan. I was stuck on the front edging. I have the stitches (almost 300) picked up, the edging knitted and now I have to sew the live stitches down to the sweater, trying to match the live stitches to the corresponding picked up stitches. I made 2 attempts and felt frustrated because I coudn't see the corresponding picked up stitches. I asked for help on Ravelry and got 3 or 4 suggestions that sound helpful, so I will give that a try, maybe tonight at knit night at the LYS.

Rock Island Shawl edging is growing slowly. I have completed 35 of 71 repeats of the edging. I hope to get that number up significantly over the weekend, especailly since we'll be house bound for at least part of it. I need to have eldest son try on the Skyp socks for length - I think it's toe time. I finally ripped back the heel on Riff to fix my mistake on the patterning (thanks to the designer who responded promptly to my questions) and re-knitted. I am still 2 rows off (from matching the pattern front and back) but decided to make it work. My son will certaily never see the mistake. ; )

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EGunn said...

It has been a busy week or two on the east coast, huh? I was in the air on my way to NY when the earthquake hit, so I didn't feel it. Luckily, I was flying into LaGuardia, which is apparently one of the only airports that was still open. And then to follow it up with a hurricane...crazy!

Sounds like the knitting is moving forward, anyway. Probably doesn't feel like it when you're just picking up and sewing down stitches, but it will be worth the effort when you have a beautiful FO!