Monday, August 29, 2011

Baltimore Gas and Electric, where are you??????

We are still without power. It's not a life threatening thing but without some hint of when it might return, we can't make appropriate plans. If, for instance, it will be Thursday, we might go find a generator or just choose to empty the fridge and throw away all of the food. If it will be today, we'll hunt for more ice and try to hang in there. I might even search for a hotel that has power and get a room so that we can all shower in hot water if it will be a few more days.

Oh, and those of you who have generators running 24 hours/day - take pity on those who don't and shut the bleeping things off for a least a little while overnight so we can sleep! Sorry. I am somewhat sleep deprived and the noise of the generators is driving me up a wall.

I made progress on the edging of my sweater. I sat in the sunshine yesterday and, after trying and rejecting several methods, have settled on sewing the live stitches down to the sweater a couple of rows in. When I sewed it closer to the picked up stitches, the picot didn't turn at the right point and you couldn't really see it. The method I chose, while not exactly correct, lets the *K2T, yo row be at the turning point so that you can actually see the picot. ; ) I got almost halfway around before I moved on to actual knitting for a while. Once it was dark, no amount of flashlight or candle lighting could illuminate the stitches well enough for me to continue. If we still have no power tonight, I'll go sit at McDs for a while, charge up my electronics and sew the rest of the stitches down. Pictures may be added if we get power back.

I started spinning a Grafton fiber batt yesterday - Corriedale, I think and it is gorgeous shades of blues and teals.

I played with it for a bit and decided that I really like it thin and will spin lace weight for a shawl. It looks really good as a lace weight (I'm getting better at spinning thin) and I like the feel of it, too. I haven't chosen the pattern yet but once I spin 1 skein of it and can see how the colors work in the final yarn, I'll decide.

I finished spinning the last of my corriedale pencil roving yesterday but since I still can't find the blasted first, full bobbin, I am holding off on plying. I would really like to make the 3 ply I had in mind at the start. I keep hoping that it will turn up.

I think maybe I have a black (or at least dark grey) cloud hanging over my head just recently. Have you noticed the trend? Earthquake, lost items, hurricane, lost power, car repairs, boat repairs galore this summer ...... Nothing life threatening, but very disruptive.

Still a little over 30,000 outages in my county - down 2000 in the last couple of hours. Not very encouraging ......


EGunn said...

Black clouds are such a pain. Hope yours dissipates with the storm. At least there is still knitting, even without power. (I find I cope much better than my husband, whose outlet is the computer.)

Linda said...

Computer stress relief would be rough in a time of no power .... At least we were able to charge the cell phones and stay in touch with family.