Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have a new project - Pogoda. It is a scarf with a non-typical construction. I first read about it on the Keyboard Biologist blog, I mentioned in my previous post. Last night I was pondering knitting projects for my visit to Mom's house this weekend. They need to be simple because we talk a lot when I am there and I can't pay all that much attention to a pattern. I just didn't have much in that area going on. I remembered the downloaded book, pulled it out and looked up the yardage for the Pogoda scarf, and found something very nice in my stash. I worked a small gauge swatch just to be sure I will like the resulting fabric and cast on this morning. So far, so good.

My BFL cold soaked fleece section is drying at home. I wasn't sure if it could go straight into hot water from the cold, though I thought it could.   I really don't have time to scour that much fleece before departure time on Friday. I decided to dry it first, then I won't have to worry about mold or other nasties. Tonight I will either wash a bit of the soaked fiber or do some flicking so that it will be ready to scour when I get back. I plan to do a bit of each to evaluate the best method.

I spindle spun some of the Icelandic last night. It's looking pretty good. I'll be bringing that with me to Mom's, along with the North Ronaldsay for spindle spinning, and hope to make some good progress on both. My sweater and Sharon's sock will also come along. I like variety.  ; ))

It's rainy and disgusting weather outside but I don't dare complain. I am not displaced from my house due to flood waters or nuclear accidents or tornadoes (that spelling does not look right but I looked it up ...) or ......

Have a good day.   

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