Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday Morning Blues

Nothing in particular causing the blues. it's just a general "I wish the weekend was longer " kind of thing. I want more fiber time than I get on weekdays. I know, it could be so much worse. I'll shut up now.

A batch of BFL is getting a cold soak right now (actually since yesterday afternoon) and I'll change the water when I get home. I am hoping to get rid of most of the yuck factor with cold rather than hot water. The water was *really* dirty yesterday after only a few minutes of soaking. I am going to wear gloves to change the water. ; )

I cleaned my little sample bags of fiber yesterday and both should be dry by tonight. I'll try to get some pictures and do a test flick and spin soon.

I spent about 2 hours flicking Jacob fleece yesterday. I estimate that almost half is going in the garden as mulch. I could be overly particular, but I don't think so.

The North Ronaldsay  fiber is spinning up nicely. I fulled a singles last night (it should be dry by today) to see if I liked that yarn, and I will keep spinning for the 3 ply I originally had in mind. Then I'll see which I like more for the project.

The Icelandic fiber is calling to me - it's such and easy and pleasurable spinning project. I could easily spin nothing but that right now. I have other things to work on, though, including my knitting. I finally sat down and figured out the problem on my sleeve caps for the cardigan from IK, fixed it and got back on track. Now I am just knitting along, trying to get back to where I was when I noticed the problem. I still haven't done the bind off of Bob's sock, but I did turn the heel of the second Calendula sock for Sharon. It's cable pattern time! Yippee!

Lace. I want to knit lace. When these socks are completed, I plan to knit the cardigan and lace. I want to get those WIP shawls off the needles and onto my shoulders and there are a few new ones I have in mind. ... summer is usually good lace kntting time. I hope it will be this year, too. The lace shawls that I have started in the last 2 years have all hit snags and sit pretty much neglected.

I was reading the Keyboard Biologist's blog and saw a scarf pattern that I love. She loved it, too, and whipped it out in a short period of time. It doesn't take a lot of yarn (none of the patterns in the book do) and I like that. I have a good amount of yarn in amounts not large enough to knit a full shawl. I bought the whole book because I can see some gifts in there for my famliy and friends. It is safely stored on my I pad, convenient whenver I need yardage info.  ; )

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