Monday, May 02, 2011

Ooohhh, my aching back

We weeded and tilled the veggie garden over the weekend. We have clay soil in this area, and it was still rather muddy, making it cling to the tines of the tiller and soooo heavy and hard to remove. In the tilled areas, our feet sunk into the muck and were hard to pull out. Ugh. Thank goodness that's done for this year. I am sore, but Bob did the worst of the work. I can only imagine what he feels like today. (We haven't had a chance to chat yet.)

Some of my Jacob fleece found it's way into the garden as mulch ....

I did some spindle spinning over the weekend. I concentrated on the Wensleydale because I want to finish that before I start on the Icelandic, which is one of the fibers the study group is working on this month. I have only about 1.5 to 2 oz. to go and I think I can finish it up this week if I don't do other spinning. Then I can ply it on the wheel (that worked very well when I did it last time) and free up those spindles for the Icelandic. My sample skein feels very nice pre-washing. I'll spin the lighter color first, then the darker color gray.

I think I will try to spin a little sample skein of my Jacob fleece, too. I'd like to see what I will end up with after my hard work prepping this fiber.

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is this coming weekend. I usually attend both days, but I will go only one day this year, in an attempt  to save money for going to Rhinebeck in NY in the fall.  It also happens to be Mother's Day this Sunday, so that is the perfect fun thing for me to do for Mother's Day.  ; ))

On Saturday, and maybe an evening or two this week, I plan to plant the veggie garden. We will try a different method of weed control and watering this year and hope to stay ahead of the weeds and get more even coverage of the water.

The sleeve caps of my Leaf and Picot Cardigan are almost complete. Next up is the back.

Oh, and this year's Robin nest is not just under the upper deck but more cozily situated. I hope Bob doesn't need his extension ladder any time soon.

Shhhhh. There are baby birds in that nest today!

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