Thursday, May 19, 2011

I took pictures but ....

I didn't have time to upload them. The computer was not cooperating, DH needed it for something important and I was doing laundry in preparation for the trip to NY. By the time it was ready, I wasn't. Sorry. I am not likely to get them uploaded now until we come back because tonight is knitting at the LYS and then ironing and packing when I get home, then bed. We hope to leave early in the AM to be able to have most of the day in NY.

I did a bit of North Ronaldsay spinning last night but mostly I concentrated on finishing the sleeves of my cardigan. Success! I can now cast on the back section.

Eldest son found another robins's nest yesterday. We had no idea that there was one in the bush right next to the front door. The babies in it are pretty big - I think it must be close to *flying day*. It is very cool to be hosts to new birds.

The new scarf is coming along well. I have knitted about 2 inches of the 3 inches required for the next step in the construction of this shawl. I was so anxious to get started on it yesterday that I neglected to read the instructions fully and had no stitch markers with me when I needed them. Paper clips sufficed while at work, but I was glad to switch to markers once I got home. Markers are easier to slip along, and the scarf looks more normal on the needles. I already get strange looks as I knit and walk to work.

I tried to flick some of the BFL locks while sitting in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be ready last night. (I have mentioned that I am lucky enough to have a husband who does all of the cooking, right?) Just setting the fiber on the table left behind a coating of vm that made me quickly decide not to do that inside any more, unless I have a huge tarp or something under me.  The good news is that it comes out easily. I may bring the  cold soaked batch of fiber with me to Mom's house so I can sit on her deck and flick card while we talk. Then I will be ready to wash when I get back.
On the other hand, while the fiber is cleaner, it is not clean and I 'm not sure DH will appreciate driving for 5 hours with that scent in the vehicle ..... maybe I'll leave it home. Compromise  leads to harmony and a long marriage .....     

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