Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of summer. We rarely, however, start summer with temps near 100. Wow! It was a very hot weekend, and the hot weather hasn't ended with the holiday weekend.

We tried to go boating on Saturday and again the motor caused problems. Last time the motor over heated. This time we didn't even leave the dock - we never got the motor started. We worked on it for about 7 hours before giving up, went back the next day and put in another 4 hours or so. Still no progress. Currently we have no spark getting to the motor. Cause unknown. There's a fuel supply problem, too, but the important part is the no spark at the spark plug. Ugh.

I washed just about all of the 7 lbs of BFL raw fleece. There is a bag that I forgot about - maybe 3-4 oz that still needs to be scoured, but the rest is done. Whew! That's a lot of work! Lots of vm showered the deck and the yard as I vigorously shook the fleece at each step. There's still more to get rid of, but it actually comes out fairly easily. I am feeling overwhelmed right now with fleeces and parts of fleeces all over the living room. I think I will pack away the Black Welsh Mountain and the Jacob (disaster) fleece for a while, and concentrate on spinning projects already in the works (North Ronaldsay and Icelandic) and prepping the BFL fiber for spinning. I want to do as much of that prep as I can outdoors since it's so messy.

I am planning to participate in the Tour de Fleece again this year, and I think it will be a spindle effort only this year. I am planning to lend my wheel to a friend for a while, and I've realy been into spindle spinning recently. I have to settle on a challenge and make sure my supplies are ready. I need to work with a fiber that I have not yet spun and set some other, personal, goal. I am considering learning "ply on the fly" as my personal challenge. I had planned to work on a cabled yarn (on the wheel) as my challenge, but right now that doesn't interest me. The spindles have me captured. I want two more!

Knitting progress - the cardigan has not grown at all. I am really concentrating on knitting Saroyan for my co-worker, and until that's done, I am not knitting on the sweater. I did start that other shawl while in NY last weekend, and I knit on that intermittently, when I need a break from Saroyan. I am not a good monagamous knitter. I haven't touched a sock in a few weeks. That needs to change, because I am near the end on both, but knitting is my hobby and not a job or assignment, so I am going with the flow, other than finishing up the gift scarf.

I planted seeds in the veggie garden yesterday. The plants already planted are doing well. We have tomato, cuke, green beans, watermelon, green pepper and potato plants. I added seeds for more green beans,  corn and sunflower seeds, plus I transplanted the asparagus to the garden from the railing box I had started them in. DH set up an impulse sprinkler to use this year for the garden since we had problms with uneven coverage with the soaker hoses last year.  I plan to move the lettuce plants to a shady spot now that it's hot out (now there's an understatement!)  and plant more petunias in those pots. The petunias are loving this hot weather.

I think I spent too much time in the heat over the weekend and I am not used to it at all. I don't feel well today - very weak and tired (not sleepy, just no energy) and a bit of a headache and nausea. I am trying to hydrate myself, but that's tough when nauseated. I think I will work an abbreviated day and head home to rest. Inside. In the AC. I work in the AC but they frown on finding people lying on the floor resting instead of working. Funny, isn't it? LOL

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