Thursday, May 05, 2011

Major hitch in the boating plans for the year

The  lower unit of the outboard motor has been dissected. The water pump was examined. It is dead. Melted, falling to pieces. The shaft wiggles. It is not supposed to do that. When the shaft is turned by hand, it bumps along instead of turning smoothly. Major $$$$$  and time. UGH. Terrible news. I don't think we can  get a refund on the $$ we paid for the slip at the marina this year, which will be wasted money most likely.

I didn't complete my full "dose" of Wensleydale spinning last night due to assisting with the diagnosis above. Then I got a migraine. I'd blame it on the stress, and that probably did worsen it, but I have to admit that it started on the drive home from work. No knitting was done as a result.

I suppose I could get a second job since we won't be boating.

We've had better days. It's not life-threatening - I do have that in perspective - but it's heartbreaking, especially for Bob, who has limited eyesight time remaining.  

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