Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I can't wait until the weekend

No pictures, but I spun a decent amount of Wensleydale last evening. I didn't get home until 7 PM, then we ate and watched one of the the special shows last night about Bin Laden's death. Then we went outside and tried to trace the water lines on the boat motor, trying to figure out why the motor is overheating. We suspect it's bad news. We've already tried the easy, not expensive things to fix. : ((

The baby robins are ugly/cute, poking their mouths out of the nest, looking for food. I think there are 3 adults feeding them, though that's hard to say for certain. Those birds just don't look very different from each other. Our cat hasn't quite figured out that there is a nest right under her feet as she crouches on the upper deck, watching the adults fly from a tree or fence in her direction. She can't get to the nest even if she figures it out, but it is funny watching her get all excited, having spotted a bird nearby, getting ready to pounce as it flies towards her, then looking a bit puzzled as it disappears from her site (as it flies under the deck) to the storage area where the nest is.

I am really looking forward to the weekend, so this week is creeping by. I try not to always live for the weekends - there just aren't enough of them - but this week that is tough. The weather looks good so far for planting the garden on Saturday and for MDSW on Sunday. I hope to come home tired, having seen and learned a lot, but not much poorer. ; )

Both socks that are on the needles are making slow progress. I work on the ribbing of Bob's sock in the car (at lights) and on Sharon's sock while walking to and from work or if I have to wait at an appointment somewhere. It adds up surprisingly fast. Bob's sock should be finished in  a week or so at this rate.

That's it on the fiber front. Maybe tomorrow I can have some pictures of baby robins to show you. Have a great day.

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