Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Robin

I quietly snuck into the storage area under our deck last night with my camera. I waited patiently for the adult birds to decide that a) I wasn't there or b) that I was harmless. While I waited, there was no sound or sight of the babies. They are well trained.

Eventually my patience was rewarded.

As soon as my flash went off, the adult bird flew away, but the babies had a hard time giving up on the food that had been so close ....
Still waiting ......

I didn't want to hold up dinner time any longer, so I scooted on out of there and let them eat. Those adults must be so exhausted by the time the fledglings fly away! It's just a constant back and forth with one or the other adult bringing worms (they love the fact that we just tilled the garden!) or bugs or whatever else is a yummy tidbit for a baby bird.

I got my "daily dose" of Wensleydale spun last night! It's getting close to plying time. If it wasn't for the fact that I am anxious to start on the next fiber, I would not be rushing this. I am really enjoying spinning the Wensleydale. I might just have to look into a fleece. Someday. After I see what I think of it knitted up. 
MDSW this weekend! Come on, weekend!

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