Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring growth

This is the fresh spring growth on the Birds Nest pine that grows in front of the front door, next to the pond. That color is so awesome. The bush itself shelters small creatures all year round.

Peony  buds are getting bigger. It's time to stake the plants.
 Healthy Hosta. We quite a few of them growing under the hemlock tree. I love the leaves, cut off the flower stalks every year.
 Dogwoods - pink and white, growing next to each other in the front yard.

 Japanese Maple: every year Bob says "I think we lost it" and very year it comes in beautifully. I love the foliage - that's my think, actually, when choosing plants. I don't worry about flowers as much as the foliage because it is around a lot longer than the flower. Annuals are where we  choose our flower color.

This is a holly bush, one of three we planted in the back yard. Eventually they will hide the ugly fence the neighbor put in and our view of his yard, too
 These are the "buds" on the blueberry bush. We had three, are down to one that can actually be called a bush. The other remaining one is a stalk with a few tentative leaves on it. Darn it. I want blueberries.
 I cheated. this is growing in our neighbors yard. I don't know what it is, but I love it. ; ))


                                                                   Red leaf lettuce

We have had both added to our salads and I love having some homegrown food on the table already.

I don't remember what this flower is, but it was cheerful. It's one of the 8 plants younger son and his partner gave me for my birthday, Easter and Mother's Day. The others include Salvia, 2 types of Sedum and a grass.

Have a good day and enjoy your spring.

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