Thursday, February 11, 2010


The snow is over (for now). The sun is shining, and if you can get out of the wind, it's a nice day. The wind is terrible. Our street was plowed very well. It was actually clear enough last night that we went to 7-11 for Bob's fountain drink and had no problems. I used 4WD to be on the safe side. I did not want to be one of those people who had to be rescued. There were few vehicles on the road. I think everyone heeded the warnings and stayed in. In Baltimore city the enacted/enforced Phase 3 restrictions - no one other than emergency vehicles allowed on the roads, and the visibility was so bad at times during the day in the city and elsewhere that they actually suspended snow plowing!

The University of MD campus is closed again today. I don't know about tomorrow yet. When I went into work on Tuesday (the previous snow had stopped on Sat) the roads in the city were terrible. If I go in tomorrow, with the snow only having stopped 1.5 days earlier, will I be able to get into and out of the parking garage? They should be working hard to keep them clear so that patient care staff can get in and out, but it didn't appear that they were doing very well earlier in the week. I would hate to drive all the way into the city (it's a 35 mile trip one way) and then not be able to get into work. I'll watch the news tonight and decide, I guess.

I worked on my summer Mondo Cable top yesterday and on the new socks for Bob. I am using an old yarn that I picked up more than 10 years ago. I can't even remember where I bought it. It's called Swizzle, by Reynolds. It's a charcoal grey with thin stripes (when knitted) of pink, yellow and green. I will be following the Sidestream architecture in Cat Bordhi's book and attempting to fit Bob's skinny ankles with some customizing of the fit. Straight stockinette, since he seems to be bothered by any texture on the foot. I might get creative on the leg, but probably not. He wears boots a lot (especially this winter!) and texture on the legs bothers him, too. Yes, he's fussy. If I chose to knit for him, it only makes sense to knit what he wants, right? At least they should go fast with no patterning. ; )

My Olympic challenge is still up in the air. I can't access the silk hankies that I was thinking of spinning. They must be in the new shed, which is blocked by several feet of snow drifts. I do not have the nerve to ask DH or eldest son to dig that out. I may drop spindle spin some fiber that I dyed over the summer in a soft, silvery grey. I had planned a shawl with it at the time, but am now considering challenging myself to spin spin a sport or worsted weight yarn for mittens or a hat (depending on yardage). I have not spun anything heavier (on purpose) than a sock weight on a drop spindle before. I am still considering my options. My LYS might be open tomorrow and I could be able to get the yarn for the double knit hat in the round. I might have trouble with my back and not be able to spin at all, so I want to have a back up plan. Even Olympians have injuries that interfere with performance and sometimes prevent them from competing. Not that I am comparing myself to an Olympian, mind you. I am not even close. So if I can't get the yarn I need for the hat and if I can't spin, what will I do?

I am happy that I have heat and a roof over my head to think about this. DH is happy that he dug out his vehicle and went for a ride. All in all, it's a good day. Enjoy yours.

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