Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

On Friday I started a post about my illness and my problems with my Olympic project, but I dumped it all in favor of good spirits. The weather is sunny and warm (for this time of year), I feel well and it’s just been too great of a weekend to complain.

My Olympic project turned out to be a scarf from Knitted Lace of Estonia, knitted with a wonderful deep blue cashmere gifted to me by Nancy. I think the Olympic effort will be required to make all of those nupps. Giggle. Actually, I did battle with them for a while despite having taken a class on nupps and bobbles last fall. The problem, though, was the needle I was using. Once I switched to an Addi lace needle I was fine. I love the way it looks and I think it will feel wonderful against my neck. I'll have to knit fast to finish this in time, but I'll try. Of course the lace is not nearly as impressive until blocked, so use your imagination, please.

I allowed myself to get sidetracked with another Olympic project. There are athletes who participate in more than one event, right? I found a pattern for the hats the American Olympic athletes were wearing at I had ooohed over it during the Opening ceremony and when I saw the pattern I couldn’t help but buy the yarn and cast on. Most of it is done. I have knitted the bottom border and the reindeer, have just started on the top charts. I love it. I am not sure who will wear it but I had to make it.

My Mondo Cable summer shell is almost complete. I have to figure out the neck and weave in ends. That will be done by next weekend. When the first warm day arrives, I'll be ready for a change.

The KAL sweater has been mostly placed on the back burner due to the Olympics. I thought that I should be knitting some on the KAL sweater during the KAL. ; ) When I need something simple to knit on, I do pick it up and knit a few rows on the sleeve. It’s so nice to knit with that yarn, and the colors are great so it’s very satisfying knitting. Here (on the right) you can see where I changed the bottom of the sweater from the pattern since the 5 rounds of K5 P1 ribbing did not stop rolling.

DH needs more wool socks, so when I completed my last socks, I started on a pair for him. I am using the sidestream architecture (you can see the gusset in the photo on the right) to knit this pair. We’ll see how they fit and he likes them. He chose the yarn but he was a little surprised to see the stripes. He thought that there would be little bits of color through out, but he says he is OK with it so I am forging on.

I can almost feel spring. I know that I'll get a rude awakening in a couple of days when we get more cold/icy stuff falling from the sky, but the MD Home and Garden show is nearing and I am ready to start ordering from the seed catalogs. We plan to try a big garden this year, to try to grow more of our own veggies and I have a tentative plan for it. It will be hard work over the summer keeping up with weeding and pest control, but we will give it a shot. Fresh veggies from your garden taste sooo good.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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