Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We have a leak

I had planned to get in about 30 minutes of knitting on my lace scarf last night before bed. I will fail my Olympic knitting test for certain this year. I only have 2 repeats done on the scarf. Despite it being my late home day, I had hoped to get some knitting in so as to not fail totally. However, in the process of cleaning up after dinner last night, eldest son discovered a leak from the sink.

It took some detective work to find what we thought was the source, and then we were still not sure. We could see a slow seepage but not a true dripping leak. The whole faucet will be replaced just to be on the safe side. (at least it's not the sink - that's a lot more expensive and bigger project) There was no time left to knit by the time we were finished. I am one of those who needs lots of sleep to function well and sometimes even to get out of bed in the morning. The lights were turned off at 9:45. The alarm went off at 5:15.

We are having a wet, cold, week. I think everyone except maybe the smallest children are relieved that it's rain falling instead of snow. The dirty snow piles are slowly going away, and assuming that our sump pump keeps working, (to avoid flooding near the foundation) that is a good thing. I love snow but I do not like dirty snow piles at all. The kids still have to stand on piles of snow sometimes waist high at the corners while waiting for the buses.

This icicle brings to mind a figure skater. What do you think? It hung outside my living room window for 4 days before it melted.

This is what my neighbor's mail box looked like about two weeks ago. I thought I would remind myself of how improved things are now, even though it doesn't look nice out. That mailbox is mounted so that from the truck, the mail can be inserted into the box. I think it stands about 3.5 feet off the ground.

The birds have been partaking of the buffet we provide for them. I filled the feeders (we have 2 all purpose feeders and one finch feeder) on Saturday and on Sunday I had to refill the 2 regular feeders! I think the birds are gathering strength for the spring mating season or something. They've never been that ravenous before.

I received a new seed and plant catalogue in the mail yesterday. Spring really is getting closer! I hope to make some selections for the garden and place my order in a couple of weeks. We hope to grow potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, green beans, corn (depending on space) and possibly some lettuce. Our area is too hot and humid to grow much lettuce, but if I can get the seeds in early enough, we should get some. It's not likely that I can plant some in the fall since we go on vacation in September. I wouldn't be around to tend to it or harvest it. Spring is my only chance.

I would like to (but don't know if I'll follow through on) freezing some of these veggies for use in the winter. I've never done that before but I would like to. I'd like to freeze green beans and preserve in some form some of the tomatoes for sauce. The potatoes can be stored for a while - we have an unheated space in the house, under the stairs that should work well as storage for potatoes. As for the rest - we'll eat fast and share with the neighbors. LOL

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Sandra said...

my alaram goes off at 5:15 as weel. I wish I was smart enough to turn the lights out by 9:45!