Monday, February 01, 2010

Back to work soon

I hope to return to work tomorrow. Yup. That's how much I enjoy having a hurt back - I actually want to go back to work because it means that I don't hurt all the time. I still have to limit what I do and for how long, but I am better.

The Mondo Cable Pulli is moving along at a nice pace. I have done 2 cable crossings on the body and the sleeve stitches have been set aside and I am knitting on the body stitches only. One of the skeins of yarn is significantly darker than the rest, but it's wound into a ball, so I want to use it. I am alternating skeins, which I find to be mildly annoying, but it works well enough.

{ETA I just took some photos of the front to show and realized that alternating the skeins is not going to work. I will have to think about this and rip what I have knitted with the darker skein. Some of the difference in the appearance is due to going from knitting back and forth to knitting in the round, but not all of it }

I have a few increases coming up and otherwise I am in the zone part of the pattern. I just enjoy knitting with this yarn around most of the sweater with one cable to keep me alert and not bored. ; )

The snow is melting, which is nice - no dirty snow hanging around for days. It still looks pretty outside and the streets are clear, so it's not dangerous for driving or walking. Best of both worlds.

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