Wednesday, February 03, 2010

About 5 inches

We had, depending on where you measure, about 5 inches of snow last night. It was a true winter wonderland view outside my windows today. The trees are all bowed with the weight of the snow. It was not so much that it was dangerous to the trees or people walking underneath, so I didn't feel bad about enjoying the view. The roads were clear and the sun was out, so by the time things re-freeze tonight, the roads should be pretty dry.

The birds came visiting this morning and were fun to watch as I ate breakfast. The cardinals, with their bright color a contrast to the white and black of snow on tree branches, were beautiful. A blue jay come to visit, too. I love the dark eyed juncos though - they are so cute, hopping around in the snow.

The owner of Angel Kiss yarn contacted me and is sending another skein of yarn to me after having read about my trouble with the darker skein. She explained that some yarn, at the bottom of the dye pot, might be darker than the rest. I know, even from my own limited experience, that this can be true and I really appreciate her efforts on my behalf. If this had been a sweater with an edging or a shawl or even a hat with a brim, I could have used the darker skein for that edging, and might have even appreciated the difference in the depth of the color. With this pattern, however, I had no similar option and she could see that. So, I have another skein of yarn coming. Thank you, Darcy.

The camera could not get the color correct - sorry about that. With flash or without, it just doesn't look the same as in real life. You can see, though, that there is no more striping effect. Maybe in daylight I can get a better color representation. I'll try that over the weekend, assuming that we are not buried under either ice or snow.
The no flash photo is on the right.

Meanwhile, since I have enough yarn right now to keep knitting, I am doing just that. I am half way down the body of the piece. It is indeed zen zone knitting - yummy yarn with lots of knitting around, but that cable removes the boredom from the knitting for me.

Today I went with DH for his audiology appointment (his appointment is 2 blocks from where I work). I treated it like a test to see if I could handle the driving to and from work. Yesterday was a bad day and I don't want to repeat that. (The more scared I am about doing things, though, the less I do and that's not good either. I have apparently not yet mastered the art of finding middle ground. ) I did OK on the drive - I was uncomfortable only for the last 10 minutes or so of the drive. I stood a lot of the time that I was at the 2 hour appointment with him, and that's not a good omen for accomplishing much in front of the computer. I have a patient to see tomorrow, though, so I can do that much, at least.
; )

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Cheryl S. said...

That's great about getting a new skein of yarn. Nice customer service! Hope your back is better soon.