Sunday, February 21, 2010

How could I forget?!

I have FO photos of the He Gansey! I will try to get some outdoor photos when he wears it the next time, but I think you can still see the patterning on the chest and the anchor that we inserted on the back. (Click to big) It fits well, though it's a construction he hasn't worn before. He is not use to the arm gusset nor is he used to the vents on the side. His sweaters all have ribbing at the bottom edge, and in the future I will probably adjust his sweaters to that since it is his preference. It is nice for a change, I think. I like it, but he has to wear the sweater, so it's his choice.

For Valentine's Day, I received chocolate candy, my favorite, from both DH and Eldest son. At the time I was ill and couldn't even sample it, but I have since, and it is wonderful. Younger son gave me flowers.Aren't they pretty?

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Angela said...

Linda - the sweater is beautiful (and of course the model is handsome!). Great job - it really looks like a fantastic sweater!

Miss you! I hope to be in shop thursday!