Sunday, February 02, 2014

Bronco Bummer

I am back from Dallas. I was all excited to get back and watch the Superbowl, and now I am disappointed. I am happy to be home but the game was a total bust. The Broncos didn't even put up a good fight. :-(

I had quite a bit of knitting time while I was away. Cattails is long enough and so I started on the bottom edge. I was considering using garter stitch for the edging rather than seed stitch but when I looked at the photos of the other projects I liked the seed stitch more. I hate to knit seed stitch. Sigh.

I picked up a cowl that has been on the needles for 2 years and knitted several inches on that on the plane. I finished the toe on a vanilla toe up sock while in the meeting. Now it is a good, mindless project for waiting.

I spent some time today when I got home neatening up and putting things away. We moved the Christmas tree out of the house and onto the deck. We were going to get rid of it but with snow coming tomorrow we decided to leave it on the deck (with the lights on) and light it during the snow storm tomorrow (if it materializes). I am off tomorrow to make up for having to work this weekend. Sometimes things work out well. :-)

Knitting, spinning and putting holiday stuff away is on the schedule for tomorrow. Take care.

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EGunn said...

Sorry about the Superbowl. We didn't watch, but I heard that it wasn't pretty. =/