Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I am doing the Ravellenics and I already have a bronze medal!

My final goals, decided on the day of the opening ceremony, were to knit the test knit hat (Drekkar - I will link to it when it has been released), knit the North Sea Socks and finish my selected WIP (The vest version of the Bernhardt sweater). I decided that one completion would get a bronze, another item completed would be silver and I would get gold if I finished a third piece (this could be one sock of the 2). With the hat completed, I have a bonze and I fully expect to finish my WIP and get silver by the end of the Olympics. I doubt I will make it to the gold but I'll try. I am knitting both socks at the same time on a different set of DPNs.

We are expecting a huge snow storm tonight/tomorrow. I am expecting to be at home and able to knit at least part of the day. ;-) With my foot broken I have an excuse to not shovel but I enjoy shoveling so I may try to do some of it. If it's too slippery, though, I won't risk another broken bone.
We are borrowing a generator in case we loose power. Lights I can do without. Heat is vital.

Stay safe and warm, all.

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EGunn said...

Hope you survived the storm! It was a wet and messy commute for a couple of days, but not too bad here. Fortunately, my husband did all the shoveling, so I didn't have to fight with the heavy snow. I do love to shovel, but this was really heavy snow.