Thursday, January 30, 2014

Alive and Kicking

But not with my left foot, which has a fracture and at least 1 torn ligament. UGH! I stepped off the curb (yes, I was watching where I was stepping but there was snow on the street) and onto a rock or chunk of ice, turned my ankle and landed hard on the outside of the foot. I went into work, iced and elevated the foot for 4 hours, then gave up and went home due to the pain. I iced and rested all weekend and saw the doctor Monday morning. I have a chip fracture and at least 1 ligament torn. I am back in the boot (which I shed just about 3 weeks ago) for at least 4 weeks.

On a more positive note, I have been knitting a lot. I started and finished the Tilted Shadows wrap in yummy Cascade Highland  Duo. It's a free pattern from Cascade and it is wonderful yarn to knit with and wear.

I am currently knitting on Cattails, a striped cardigan, being knitted with Silky Wool in a wheat color and plum. I think it will be a very useful sweater. I am knitting a vest version of the Bernhardt  sweater for my mother. It starts with the bottom lace ribbing and I have about 6 inches of the stockinette that comes after that finished. I had to calculate a smaller size than what is included in the pattern. I had DH check my math. I hope it works out. It seems to be right so far.

I am knitted the mitered baby blanket for a coworker. The colors are navy, cherry, sunshine and silver gray. It's a boy. :-).  The yarn is cascade Sierra. The blanket is knit from the outside towards the center and I am already feeling the rounds go faster. This will be finished well before the due date of April 3.

I am knitting some convertible mitts for eldest son's girlfriend. She appreciates handmade. I am combining 2 pattern to get the cabling I want and the instructions for the convertible part. So far, so good. Her hands are about the same size as mine and the mitt fits me pretty well. Pictures soon.

I have a quandary. My plans for the Ravellenics (the knitter/crocheter/spinners version of the Olympics) had been to knit the North Sea Socks and choose a WIP to finish. Melanie and I bought the yarn and were given the pattern at Rhinebeck. I still like that plan. The sock pattern should be easy to memorize, making it a good TV watching project. I have enough WIPs to choose from in various weights of yarn. I would just choose one of those and have 2 projects to work on while watching the Olympics. I have been going through project bags and bins and wondering, though, if I should finish one (or both) of the mates to the Tour de Socks socks that I didn't finish at that time. I have the Maze socks and the Little Deschutes socks to choose from. I love them both and would love to wear a matching pair. The drawback to that plan is that neither one is conducive to knitting while watching TV. They are both chart watcher patterns. What to do .....?

I leave tomorrow morning on a business trip to Dallas, TX (over the weekend!) I will be back in time to watch the Superbowl. Go Broncos!!!!!!

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