Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Sleeves! I am knitting sleeves!

Well, actually just one at a time, but still - I finished the dreaded seed stitch edging on the body of the Cattails sweater and have knit a round or two on the first sleeve. That's progress.

I added another project to my knitting list. I have agreed to do a test knit for Melanie. It's a cabled hat (I love to knit cables) and it's for eldest son. When I showed him the pattern he was very excited about it. The only bad thing is that he wants it in black. UGH. We'll see. Maybe I can find another dark color that he likes that isn't as dark as black. ;-) The pattern is called Drekkar and you will be hearing and seeing more about it shortly. I have to go to the LYS on Thursday to get some alpaca yarn.

Meanwhile, I continue to plug away at the projects on the needles - the mitered baby blanket, Mom's vest version of Bernhardt and Cattails. I knit some on the vanilla sock that is just a carry along project (it doesn't count in the WIP section of my brain) while at the meeting I went to over the weekend and last night (because I was too tired to knit anything else).

I know I should not have taken on the new hat project but I feel as though all of my projects have been around for a while and will be for several more weeks. I need a quick finish project, some instant gratification and this will do nicely. Even my WIPs from last year will take some time to finish. None will be quick, not even the cowl, because it is light weight yarn and beading. I need something quick. Besides, Rob needs a warm hat more than I need a beaded cowl. ;-)

We are expecting more mixed precip and some ice tomorrow. UGH. If the ice is significant, I will not be driving to work, but I would rather come in and save my time off for more fun things. Fingers crossed that it's not as bad as they are predicting.

Have a warm and safe day.

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