Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Sleeve Finished

Cattails is moving along nicely again after taking a back seat to Ravellenics projects. I finished the first sleeve last night and hope to pick up the stitches for the second sleeve tonight. It makes great TV knitting. I rented Season One of Chicago Fire from the library. I watched 2 episodes last night. I hope to catch up on the earlier history that I missed. I can also knit on the North Sea socks while watching TV, and I plan to take Whippoorwill out of the closet and try to figure out where I am. I might be able to work on that one while watching, too.

I have other socks to knit but those require attention to the chart and watching my knitting instead of TV so that knitting will happen at another time. I can listen to audiobooks and podcasts while knitting cabled or beaded socks, so I am saving those projects for when I don't want the TV on. I don't usually watch much TV when it's not football season, so that time could be soon.

Eldest son loves his new hat. The Highland Duo Drekkar hat worked well. It's a bit bigger and I like that. I had planned to add some ribbing to the original test knit hat but I think I will rip it out and re-knit it. I don't think I want the ribbing right near the face to be off set halfway up. It won't take long to re-knit and I will feel better. Mom loves her sweater vest and that makes me feel good, too. As I near the end of cattails I plan to swatch for my next sweater. I am determined to knit a sweater from stash yarn and I think Sarah might just be the one. I have had this yarn for a loooong time. It's time for it to come out of the storage in and into the daylight. It's a pretty, bright blue and I think it will make a good winter sweater. I have to verify yardage and swatch to be sure I can do this, or select and non-cabled sweater instead. Fingers crossed because I want those cables. ;-)

We had snow this morning! It snowed for about 2 hours and there was about 1/2 inch on the deck. I was sort of excited because I like snow but also feeling rather let down. I am ready for spring, and my search for crocus and/or daffodils was fruitless. Sigh. I keep reminidng myself that it is really only the end of February and I need to be patient .......

Have a good day, all.

PS I am not really being lazy about posting pictures. I just can't get them to load without a battle, so linking is the next best thing.

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