Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silver or gold - you decide.

I finished Mom's vest version of the Bernhardt sweater. I am happy with it and, more importantly, so is Mom. I finished it early enough to get it blocked and ready to go when younger son headed up to visit NY for the weekend. She tried it on and likes the look and fit of it. So, silver medal for sure. I have not and will not get the North Sea Socks finished before the end of the Olympics but I did finish another WIP. The baby blanket I was working on before the Olympics has been completed. The baby was born early so I had extra impetus to finish it fast. I had no listed the blanket as one of my planned Ravelllenics projects but I did finish a WIP. So, you decide. Silver or gold medal for me?

In other knitting, I started another Drekkar hat with a different yarn and have completed about half of it. I love it. Once I finished Mom's vest and the blanket I picked up Cattails and went back to work on the sleeve. I think the 3 of us that are knitting Cattails are at about the same spot which is nice. We can encourage each other to knit on the sleeves - compare notes on how many stripes we have knitted. I hope to finish it within a month so I can wear it when/if spring weather comes. ;-)

My next WIP that I plan to pick up again is Whippoorwill. I had reached the part where I added the second color, so it should be enjoyable knitting. I have some repairs to make on other knitting and I have them sitting in a basket near my knitting spot in the living room. I have made progress on repairs, and that makes me feel good and will encourage me to make the other repairs. Some are socks, one is a hat. It's nice to be able to put things back into circulation that have been out for a year or more. :-)

My broken foot is healing slowly, the ligaments, too. It still aches, some days more than others. The boot itself hurts and that makes it hard to be good about wearing it. When I am home and not going to be too busy I wear an ace wrap and slippers to give the heel/foot a break. I am supposed to see the doctor on Thursday about the foot. I also get a dexa scan to see how bad my osteoporosis is. Fun times. :-)

We are, as are many others on the East coast, craving no snow and spring weather. I am going out in a little while to look for crocus and daffodils. Have a food day.

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