Sunday, December 07, 2008

SNOW!!!! We have snow!!!!

It's not much and probably wouldn't even be noticed by many of you living in other areas, but I love snow so much that any amount is exciting. This is the snow last night on our waterfall to the water garden in our front yard. Just a dusting, but more than they had predicted and, as I said, I don't need much to be excited and want to go out and "play".

I took a lot more pictures but I don't have a tripod so most of them didn't come out well. during the day today we had more snow and more importantly, daylight, so I took more photos. This is some snow settled on the ice and leaves in the water garden.

Leaves against the snow. On the ground below the leaves you can see the tracks left by the leaves and twigs that are scuttling all over, blown by the wind that is very strong today.

More tracks left by leaves and twigs in the snow. Pretty, aren't they?

My son's cat wanted very much to go explore. Actually, he always wants to go out. It's an ongoing battle with him. Today I decided to let him out to see what he thought of the snow. He ran out the door and slid on the deck, not expecting it to be so slippery. He needs snow paws, I think. But once he was in the yard on the grass and snow, he had better traction. He's still not sure what he thinks of this white stuff, though.

Our outdoor decorations at night

The dear look nice in the daylight, too, I think, with the bright red bows.

The weather today is very windy, with occasional snow squalls that pass through and make being outside truly uncomfortable with the wind and snow blowing in your face. Karen and I postponed our walk from 9 AM. We'll talk later and decide whether to brave the weather this afternoon. Meanwhile, I am putting the time to good use - washing clothes and cleaning. The sheets were just about frozen by the time I got them on the line but I hope that they will dry eventually. I won't even try drying the jeans that way today.

The Ravens play Sunday night football tonight and I am very excited. I will be knitting away all afternoon while watching the games. The next post will include photos of FO and WIPs taken in the daylight. Enjoy.

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