Friday, December 05, 2008

I had a lot to show

Last night was the Needle Exchange at my LYS. I had a lot of FO to show and it was great fun. I brought in the 5 pairs of Fetching mitts (one more is still on the needles). I showed Brian's vest (nearing the length needed before ribbing starts, I think). I got several suggestions for accent colors in the ribbing. I brought Bob's sweater and worked on the short row sleeve cap for a while. I showed my lace scarf that is complete but not blocked. I brought my seed stitch vest, also complete but not blocked. I worked on the lace ribbon scarf for a while, too.

There was a small group at the Needle Exchange but we had a nice chat and caught up on events. We skipped last week due to the holiday, so there were 2 weeks of events to talk about. It sounds like every one had a good Thanksgiving.

I hope to get some good photos of my knitting projects over the weekend. I have taken several with the flash but they just don't look right. Have a good day, stay warm and stay out of Walmart.

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