Monday, December 08, 2008

Can we ban perfume from places of business?

I have allergies. They are not severe. I do not, for instance, have an anaphylactic reaction to anything or break out in hives. But many scents bother me. My eyes itch, get dry (the dryness happens just from the heat being on), my nasal passages get all clogged and I sometimes get a headache. There is just enough to really annoy me but not be life threatening.

I work in an office in a health care facility. Even though I am in the office area and not providing patient care, I still feel that there should be more concern in this type of place for others. Why do people need to wear perfume at all (never mind some pretty strong stuff) to the workplace? I suppose I am just being overly sensitive but I am tired of feeling this way every day at work.

Enough bi***ing. Sorry.

Last night I worked on Brian's vest. The ribbing at the bottom has about an inch of the dark grey (the color of the vest), 3 rows of light grey, 2 rows of the blue and one of the green that is in the stripe across the chest and 3 more rows of the light grey. I will have to knit a little more of the dark grey ribbing to finish it off and then it will be time for neck and arm hole edging. Yippee! I can taste this FO.

I resurrected the hat that I made with yarn that I dyed last year, took out the bind off and decreases and I am adding more length to the hat. It was short enough that it didn't stay down over my ears comfortably. Once the hat is finished (again) I will start on the matching scarf. I haven't decided yet whether to do a reversible cable pattern or just ribbing. I think the colors will hide the cabling, but I won't know until I try. No photos of the hat.

I was able to get some good photos while the sun was shining.

Here are the Fetching Fingerless Mitts I have been working on.

The Lace Ribbon Scarf.

Bob's sweater

Here is the seed stitch vest

and a close up of the I-cord edging

I was able to get my stash in from the shed and do my inventory/clean out that I have been hoping to get to for a while now. I had so many partial balls or even some single balls that weren't enough to do anything with or fibers that I won't use. I am sure that someone would take those various yarns and combine them to make something beautiful, but I have finally accepted that I won't. I probably held onto more than I should have for a real purge but I was able to get rid of more than I thought. A lot went into the trash but a good amount will go to some one or place that can put it to good use. It's sorted differently now, too. I never used to sort by weight, only by "summer" or "winter". Now I have a bin of cotton yarn, a bin of worsted weight (non-cotton) a bin of blankets in the works (there are only 2 but they take up space) combined with some novelty yarns I didn't want to part with. Those will go back out to the shed. The 2 inside storage containers now contain 1) my sock yarn and 2) my lace weight with one or two other things thrown in.

Something I learned last night - I DO NOT need to purchase any more sock yarn. Not that I don't want more, but that is not where my limited (and shrinking) yarn budget should go. I also have a bit of lace weight, though not nearly as much. I really need to concentrate my purchases on sweater quantities.

I did enjoy myself last night, going through all of that loverly yarn. I thought some (not too much or I would not have finished the job and the cats would have had a field day today) about what I would like each thing to become. Potential is a wonderful thing.

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